Announcing new partnership between MGH and MyReality DAO to develop amazing games for The Sandbox

Written by Robin Prock

The Ethiopians say, “If spiders weave together, they can bind a lion.”

That’s why Batman trusted Robin. Bud Spencer only hit it off with Terence Hill — and R2D2 and C-3PO constantly talked past each other.

Together they were strong, successful, and celebrated.

Likewise, MetaGameHub (MGH) cannot go its way alone and has therefore brought another brilliant partner into the developer boat:

The Game developer MyReality DAO (MRT).

Let’s dive deep into it:

MyReality DAO: Colourful and addictive games for The Sandbox

Remember the game Stronghold?

You had an empty map, bloodthirsty enemies — rat, snake, pig and wolf — and only one keep as a base…

…you had to build high walls, shiny towers, and yes, a lot of wood camps.

In the same way, MGH has to build something, because we will have empty LAND on The Sandbox. But what do we do with empty LAND? — It’s as barren as a desert. And there is not even oil in there. But people want games, fun and action; the LAND should be overflowing with people like the Time Square.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with MyReality DAO, who will develop unique games for MGH governed LANDS.

Who is MyReality DAO?

MyReality DAO is a game developer headquartered in Norway with a developer team located in Vietnam. It develops professional voxel games for The Sandbox to engage players in the Metaverse.

What kind of games do they develop?

For example, A-MAZE-ING Games!

(Pun definitely intended!).

MyRealty is terraforming The Sandbox into mysterious and breath-taking mazes — in the air, underwater, covered with lava… — as if you would crawl through the walls of “Maze Runner”. (But no “Grievers” in sight — we promise!) But other bloodthirsty creatures… that you, as a brave warrior, have to smash to pieces. Would you like a taste? Here is one picture showing a populated 24x24 estate:

This is just a little glimpse into the games, MyReality DAO will develop. And we are very excited about the things to come! Click here to visit the MyReality DAO website:

Stay tuned! — And expect A-MAZE-ING things.

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