This Is The Metaverse on The Blockchain — And How You Can Easily Profit From It Via MGH

Written by Robin Prock

„You can do anything… go anywhere. (…) Surf a 50-foot monster wave in Hawaii. — You can sky down the pyramids. You can climb Mount Everest with Batman.”

Do you know what I mean? — That’s the OASIS. At least, as described by Wade Watts aka Parzival in the movie “Ready Player One.” The OASIS is a universe of virtual planets. In short: the metaverse as you imagine it.

There, we no longer jump from browser tab to browser tab — from Alibaba to Tencent — but from the virtual entertainment planet, to the learning planet, to the movie planet….

And the blockchain is a place where this virtual world is growing like a bamboo tree — slowly at first, step by step and almost invisibly; but finally, all at once at breakneck speed.

That’s why you’re about to learn what the current metaverse ecosystem on the blockchain is. And then, how the new MetaGameHub (MGH) protocol gives you the chance to easily invest in the megatrends of the next decade: the metaverse, DeFi, NFTs, and oracles.

What Is The Metaverse on The Blockchain?

Picture it:

You open your gaming account, and you see: nothing!

The screen is black, your inventory is empty, your character is gone — the character that has cost you hundreds of hours of game time and maybe hundreds of dollars.

This is not a nightmare, but the fate of many gamers. From Infinite Crisis, to WildStar, to Marvel Heros. All of these games were shut down.

There was nothing you could do about it — your invested time and money were lost.

Only NFTs have changed that. Only with them comes trust, ownership and uniqueness in games, online worlds and finally the metaverse.

Why? Because your NFT — your skin, character, map, even the whole game — is yours alone. It doesn’t belong to a corporation. Not to a game developer. Not to a central authority that can take it away from you.

NFTs are therefore the cornerstone of the metaverse on the blockchain: only now do you have digital, tamper-proof ownership.

But how far has the trend already advanced?

A quick overview:

These are just a few of the waves that are sweeping over the blockchain right now, heralding the metaverse tide.

But besides NFTs, the metaverse needs more: a financial system — DeFi — and Oracles to measure the fair price of an NFT.

And that’s where MGH comes in:

MGH is a protocol to unify the emerging trends of NFTs, DeFi and oracles; and to give you, the user, easy, low-cost, and barrier-free access to the metaverse.

With MGH you can earn a passive income with your NFTs — or profit from the whole NFT market with just one dollar…

…but let’s go through the use cases piece by piece:

1. NFTs — Earn a Passive Income with Your NFTs

Imagine you have a gorgeous piece of LAND on “The Sandbox.”

It borders Atari, Binance, or the Village of the Smurfs; all you have to do now is farm it, develop a game, raise a city; and visitors will flock to your LAND like gamers to Fortnite.

But here’s the problem — you don’t want to develop a game; you don’t want to build a city.

You just want to wait for the LAND to increase in value, and eventually sell it for more.

MGH offers you a better and more lucrative way to monetize your LAND — without selling it, signing advertising partnerships, or spending endless hours developing a game.


You stake your NFT, thus making your LAND fertile and reaping a sprouting passive income.

Here’s what you have to do (the short version):

  1. You first stake a certain number of MGH tokens. These tokens alone will pay you lavish network rewards. But that’s not the point. The point is: You get the right to stake your NFT. And how? You send it to our oracle (more on that later). And like a farmer estimates the goodness of the land, our oracle estimates a fair price of your LAND. Let’s say 10,000 USD. Do you kick in?
  2. Fantastic! Now you get to stake your NFT… but not all of it. No. No. This is how we prevent exploits and bugs of the oracle — after all, Synths are also covered by 600 percent. How much are you allowed to stake now? A maximum of 25 percent… so you get $2,500 in — in what? — in NPTs!
  3. NPTs are NFT pool tokens; they represent the price of the whole NFTs pool you are staking your NFT in. Think of NPTs as a thermometer of the whole NFT pool: if the NFT pool rises in value, so does the thermometer (the NPT) — and vice versa. What can you do with the NPTs?
  4. You can trade them, exchange them on a DEX against other cryptocurrencies… or you add them to the MGH/NPT pool as liquidity: Then you get a Liquidity Provider Token (LP). And the LP you stake in turn for daily, flowing passive income in MGH tokens. So, you’ve turned your idle LAND into a fertile income machine. And isn’t passive income the most pleasant way to bridge the wait until you sell your NFT?

2. NFTs And DeFi — Invest in NFTs Like in an Index Funds.

But what if you don’t have an NFT?

Then you can use the extraordinary power of NPTs as well! Maybe also for passive income…or as an “index” on the metaverse and other NFTs.

I just explained it already:

One NPT reflects the price of a whole NFT pool. What if there are a hundred, two hundred, three hundred NFTs in the pool?

Then isn’t the NPT an accurate reflection of the whole ecosystem — a scale for the rising or falling market? Of course.

And so, you benefit from the NFT market without having to buy an NFT. And that already from a one-dollar investment.

Because you simply buy NPTs on a DEX or in the MGH/NPT pool. So, you don’t have to bid on an auction, nor spend hours researching NFTs, nor fear scams — no: a transaction confirmation in MetaMask is enough; and you have already solved the most common problems of the NFT market:

3. Oracles — Give Your NFT The Right Price Tag

FOMO, fear, anger, despair, euphoria, greed…

these are all emotions that rule the NFT market.

No logic. No ratio. No fair pricing.

MGH wants to change that for you, so that you get a transparent and fair price for your NFT and always know (approximately) how much it is worth.

Why is this important?

If you want to sell it later, no one is ripping you off, no one is bidding too little, and you are no longer rushing to click “Sell” prematurely. You consequently take the guessing game out of your NFT investment.

How does MGH succeed in doing that?

To do it, we partner with the Colombian AI firm ITRM — spelled out: Intelligent Trading Machines.

It is a long-standing expert in providing investment firms with high-performance software that generates higher returns and is always tailored to the individual risk appetite.

In short: more profit through AI and machine learning.

For MGH, they will now program an oracle that brings facts instead of emotions, data instead of hope, and numbers instead of FOMO.

How does it work?

To do this, the tool will extensively analyze exchanges and marketplaces, trace back thousands of transactions, search databases and tap the sentiment on social media.

That’s how you get a comprehensive picture: What do the numbers say — e.g. past prices — and what does the sentiment say — e.g. how do others rate the NFT market?

And how do we use the oracle?

It will stand as a bouncer in front of our NFT pools and will only let in NFTs that it has previously evaluated.

You accept its price? Great, we’ll untie the red ribbon, and you can enter. You don’t agree with the price? Sorry, your NFT will have to stay out.

But even that is not all:

Finally, we will cultivate and farm virtual land ourselves — and roll up our sleeves to build the metaverse of tomorrow.

4. The Metaverse — Curate Virtual Land in Our DAO.

MGH is a DAO — that means:

The community is the CEO, the management, and the Board of Directors. It decides where the MGH journey goes. And one thing it decides is: which virtual land will we buy? What to do with it? What are we going to build on it?

Because MGH will use part of its treasury to buy digital LAND (for now, only) on “The Sandbox”….

…and has already entered a unique partnership with MyReality DAO — a Vietnamese gaming developer.

MyReality DAO develops NFT Games on The Sandbox, where you can roam through mazes, jungles, clouds, walls; and sneak past nasty block monsters — or tear them down with your sword.

We can’t reveal much yet, but MyReality DAO will develop revolutionary games for us and is passionate about creating a world for you, the player, to immerse yourself in for hours. (That’s how you get a taste of the coming metaverse, isn’t it?).

So how can you take advantage of all these features? How can you be a part of it before it starts?

Because admittedly: we’re not live yet. The NPTs will roll out earliest Q1, 2022. The first one only for digital LAND. Therefore, the risk is still high, but so are the opportunities tremendous.

To reward the trust of early investors, we are therefore holding a public sale — with a limited number of tokens, a fixed deadline, but a guaranteed price:

MGH Sale: Get Your MGH Tokens as Long as The Price Is Fixed

On October the 14th, our Public Sale will start. It is your unique chance to get MGH tokens at a fixed and guaranteed price.

Once the sale is over — on the 24th of October — you will only have DEXs as a place to go. And you know what that means:

Fluctuating prices. Nothing is fixed. Nothing is guaranteed.

On (our launch platform), on the other hand, you can get MGH tokens for 0.1 USD — without ifs and buts. Only the number of tokens is limited:

A maximum of 10,000,000 MGH tokens are for sale, and they can sell out quickly. Who knows….

So be quick and get your tokens on the 14th of October to stake your NFTs, earn a passive income with them and mint NPTs.

In short, turn your NFTs from “wallet potatoes” into income machines once we go live in 2022 and roll out the first NFT pools bit by bit.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your team from MGH.

How can you stay up to date and keep in touch with MGH?

About MGH

MGH is an Ethereum-based protocol allowing its users a.) to mint NPTs to gain exposure to the whole NFT space, b.) stake their NFTs to make a passive income, and c.) get a fair price for their NFT via the MGH price oracle.

With these three use cases, MGH makes the whole NFT space more transparent (fairer prices), accessible for investors with smaller pockets (via NPTs) and combines DeFi and NFTs via staking NFTs to make a passive income.

In short: MetaGameHub DAO is the convergence of DeFi, NFTs, the metaverse, oracles and AI supported valuation tools.

MetaGameHub DAO combines Utility, Governance & Data in one holistic Ecosystem to allow transparent NFT Valuation and Curation within the Metaverse